Thank you for your support. Your generosity makes a significant difference in the services and programs the Library is able to provide to residents of all ages. Without a variety of contributions from the members of our community our Library could not provide the services that are the signature of a dynamic and thoughtful place.



The James P. Verhalen Family Foundation, Inc.
The Wimpfheimer Foundation

$5000 – $9999

Barbara and Marc Ginsberg
Priscilla and Charles Hodges Memorial Fund

$2500 – $4999

Frances Ashley
Michael and Dudley Del Balso
Christopher and Barbara Dixon
William Griffin
Leckerling, Ladwig & Leamon, LLC
Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation
Susan and Harry Martin
Gillian Patrick
Edward and Carolyn Sauers
Ray Uzanas
C. Lawson Willard

$1000 – $2499

Judy and John Alexander
Avena & Kepple, LLC
George A. Avery
Susan Ayers
Anne Fix and Kevin Bowdler
Stillman Brown and Meg Raftis
Donald and Jane Charbonnier
Beth and Sam Chapin
Charles T. Clark
Lois and Richard Cole
Merrily and Michael Connery
Patrick and Alessandra Dorsey
Denise and Richard Easton
Mary Wolf and William Fowler
Margaret Frisch
Lucia and David Greenhouse
Allegra and Brian Griffiths
GW&K Investment Management
Beth and Charles Harding III
Peyton Horne
Susan Knox
John and Mary LaMattina
Archie and Diana Leslie
Ann Lobdell
Marguerite and Thomas Moore Family Trust
Anna Maria and Wright Palmer
Cheryl and David Purvis
Franklin and Doris Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Royce
David Korn and Carol Sheman
Deborah Dodds and Gregory Smith
David M. Smith
SNS Electric / Peter and Nicole Stajduhar
William Blunt White
Karen and James Wittliff
Katherine Yates

$500 – $999

John and Binti Ackley
Patience and Alan Banister
Zachery Thomas Binkowski
Josephine R. Bump
Lynn and Jeffrey Callahan
Deborah and Peter Castle
Susan Clapp
Harriet and Tony Crane
Nan Danforth
Penelope Duckham
Carole and David Enfield
Richard M. Farmer and Vivie von Walstrom
Sandy and Howard Fromson
Geraldine Nager Griffin
Charlie Hatton
James Higgins and Jill Tate Higgins
Mary and James Kelley
Rebekah, Ben, Jocelyn & Michala Kepple
Saren Langmann
Marie Claire Ged and Daniel Mallett
Jennifer Norris Middleton
Michael Mirsky and Joanne Bergren
Robert and Virginal Montgomery
Dorothea B. Moore
Poor Morgan
Joan F. Richards and James J. Quinn
Allan and Joan Rayfield
Betty Richards
Margaret Luchars Richards
Michael and Julia Roberts
William and Jane Roderick
James Royle and Ann Gray
Kate and Arnold Schmeidler
George and Brenda Sylvestre
Daniel Terrell
Christine and John Turrentine
Beth Walker


$250 – $499

Patty and Tom Adams
Nelson and Dee Aldrich
Beth Black and Randall Bean
Elaine and Richard Berman
Susan Berk
Betsy Bowman
Castle Family Foundation
Alejandro Cifuentes and Kaylan Randolph
Denise and Jonathan Collins
Michael and Daphne Davis
Miranda de Kay
Steven and Marion Dodd
John and Peg Donovan
Thomas and Deborah Downie
Judith G. duPont
Ingrid Feddersen
Jerald and Joyce Fingerut
Janice Marconi and Gary Fisher
Barbara Gildersleeve
Sandy and Bill Hargreaves
Muriel Hinkle
Elizabeth Hopkins
Rachel McCormick and Chris Hutchins
IBM Matching Grants Program
Martin Jefson and Tiffany Cook
Deborah Kotchen
David and Pamela Leeming
Catherine and Bruce Littman
John Malmros and Rosemary Contin
Carol A. Martin
Harry and Bodil Meyer
Alexander Moore
James and Terri Muren
Richard Newton
Elizabeth Norman
John and Joan O’Brien
Moira and Cormac O’Malley
Maggie Perkinson
Geoffrey L. and Beverly B. Phillips
Bill and Sheila Sanders
Candy and Tom Sanford
Susan and Robert Scala
Jane Schaefer
Jeffrey and Anna Maria Schneider
Sloan and Heather Sheridan-Thomas
Clare E. Sheridan
Larry and Kathleen Snoddon
Patricia Stamm
Alexandra Stoddard
Beth and Jim Sullivan
Elizabeth and Christopher Thorp
Tom’s Newstand
William and Barbara Tufts
Seth and Barbra Van Essendelft
Alan and Janet Vaskas
Richard and Virginia Welch
Sally and Clement Wood

$100 – $249

Robert and Peg Abramson
John Adams
Joseph Alchermes and Alessandra Baldini
Alessandra Baldini and Joseph Alchermes
Jean M. Anderson
Paula A. Atwood
Elizabeth Bachert
Charles T. Baker
Carole and Brian Barnard
Anne Bartholet
Barbara Bates
Scott Bates and Lisa Tepper Bates
Robert Baum
Ted and Diana Beck
Anne and Alan Bentz
Richard and Elaine Berman
Maryann Bessette
Janet Oliwa-Binkowski and Alan Binkowski
John Birkhoff
Douglass Bjorn
John Boone and Jenny Dixon
Arindam and Gopa Bose
James and Elizabeth Boylan
Scotty and Bill Breed
Sue Bell and John Brissette
Mitchell Brody and Patricia Solga
Meredith M. and Sylvia Brown
Elizabeth Tobin Brown
Ayo Bryant
Jacqueline and James Burgess
Russell Burgess and Karen Whiting Burgess
Carole and Robert Callahan
Mary C. Cassidy
Maurice and Kathleen Clark
Virginia and Frank Colassano
Anne C. Connerton
Jan Conolly
Dee and Rich Constantine
Virginia Cottrell
Kurt Cramer and Lynne Lawrence
Timothy R. Cummings
Kay and Dick Daniele
Edward and Deborah Dear
Ken and Millie Donovan
Derek Dubois
Anne and Frederick Eaton
James Eckerle and James Mark Renfrow
Donna and David Elks
Robert and Judith Ellis
Lawrence and Marcia Eppler
David and Marcia Erskine
Jane Kennedy Fairbrother
Jack and Marcia Fix
William and Patricia Follett
Sherry and Alfred Fritzsche
Lois and Bob Geary
Koko and Richard Gildersleeve
Anita and Frank Gonsalves
Kathryn Bowling Graham
Carol Granato
Andrea Greene
Eric Hansen
John and Vera Harsh
Hilary Heminway
Barbara Petty Heuer
Arthur Higbee and Alice Houston
Timothy Hogen
Marcia Holly
Judi and Robin Honiss
Christopher and Nancy Houlihan
Mary Hughes
Anthony and Julita Inzero
Lara Alexis Jackson
Helen A. Jankoski
Nancy Jankovich
Jane Keener and Paul Janssens
Shirley M.C. Johnson
John Kam and Jessica Johnstone Kam
Judy and Raymond Keegan
Mary and Stephen King
Heather and John Kiss
Suzanne Kissell
Patricia Kleeman
Joell K. Kunath
Michelle and Stephen Kutz
G.F. Lane
Richard R. Larkin and Laurie Cameron
Kevin and Claudia Laxar
Kristin Lichtenberg
Amanda Lindberg
Jan and Susan Lindberg
Barbara and George Lipphardt
Margaret H. Lyons and Geoffrey S. Little
Vincent and Ann Loiacono
Suzanne and David Lojzim
John A. Lowe III
Sarah Stifler Lucas
David and Patricia Ludwig
Roberta and Jan MacGregor
Kate and Bruce MacKinnon
Diane L. MacFadyen
Rita A. Madison
Joseph and Dorothy Marie
Masons Island Marina
Sally McBee
Maryellen Mccarthy
Bobette McCracken
Karen B. McGee
Kathy Calnen and Michael McKinley
McQuades Marketplace
David J. Medeiros
Cynthia Lichtenstein and Charles Miller
Jim and Marisol Moody
Ann G. Moore
Laura and Thomas Moran
Ashley and Ryan Morgan-Schoen
Barbara and James Murphy
William S. Nagy
Jon and Christine Nickerson
Linda and David Nolf
Martha and John O’Brien
Jennifer O’Brien
O’Brien, Stuart, Eppinger & Collier, LLC
James O’Connell
Susan Clark Ogden
Margaret O’Neill
Anne B. Page and Robert Mercer
Lucius Palmer and Sloan Lederer
Theresa Maire Pantani
Pequot Plant Farm
Robert Pittaway
Susan Gallick and Jonathan Post
R. Douglass Rice and Cynthia Elliott
Dennis J. Riley
Ann and Jim Robins
Katherine H. Robinson
Carol C. Ruffo
Bill and Karen Rutherford
Sea View Snack Bar
Noreen and Joseph Selinger
Peter and Elaine Shallenberger
Janet and David Shlaes
Christopher and Jean Sinton
Murray L. and Susan Smith
KSM Hoskins Smith
Michael Smyle and Rosanne T. Simborski
Martha Snyder
Donna and C. William Stamm
Gigi Bradford Stanford
Bob and Harriet Statchen
Carla and Rowland Stebbins
Stonington Players, Inc
Diane and William Swan
Kathryn Taylor
Lori Taylor
Rebecca Noreen and Jonathan Towne
Lynn and Thomas Tsagarakis
Marion and Bruce Viau
Catherine and Brian Wade
Seth and Joanna Wakeman
Judy and Andrew Westwood
Katherine White
Thomas and Sage Williams
Barbara and Roy Wilson
Eugene Winchester and Patricia Caron Reardon
Barbara Gray-Winslow and Harry Winslow
Pamela Profit Wohltman
Franklin and Leith Wood
Ellen and Andrew Wormser
Patricia and Frederick Ziegler


Estate of Maryanne Felmet

In Memory of Jane E. Richmond:
Barbara J. and Richard L. Richmond Fund

In Memory of Dorothy Avery:
George Avery

In Memory of Emily Lynch:
Susan Ogden

In Memory of Betty Kepple:
Carol Martin

In Memory of David Clapp:
Patricia Kleeman

In Memory of Teresa M. Ellis:
Steven and Jean Lachance

Mystic Rotary Club
Mystic Woman’s Club
Rotary Club of the Stoningtons


Douglas Ackerman
Edward and Audrey Adam
Adams & Associates
Allana Maria Allik
Alexander Andrassy
Shirley and Denzel Andrews
Atherton & Sons Moving and Storage
Harriet and Dick Barry
Karen Barthelson
Chauncey and Natalie Bartholet
Judith Beisler
Elaine P. Belknap
Marianna Wilcox and Bertrand Bell
Cynthia and Daniel Benfield
Geri-Anne Benning
Jane Lassen-Bobruff and Neal Bobruff
Mary Fort Boyle
Charles and Ann Buffum
Linda M. Camelio
Peter D. and Sarah Canning
Robert E. Casey
Karen and Lee Cashman
Carol Barnes Craig and Bill Craig
Elizabeth Croteau
Elizabeth and Curtis Danforth
Sandra and Gary Davis
Belinda and Tertius de Kay
Michele Jones and John Delmhorst
Yolanda and Paul Desy
Eva Hantman and Dean DiMaggio
Monika and John Dreslin
Nancy Dunne
Eugene and Lillian Fappiano
Kristin N. Foster
Bernard A. Giserman and Judith H. Dessel
Marilyn Graham
Katrinka C. Greger
Terry and Sandy Grimes
Priscilla Griscom
John and Alice Groton
Mark and Betty Guadliana
Robert Halperin
Barbara and Harry Higgins
Norma and Robert Hummerstone
Susan J. Jerome
Phil and Elizabeth Johnstone
Patrick Keenan and Jean Fiore
Betty B. Kinne
Michele Kirk
Mary-Louise Knapp
Ellen and Michael Knizeski
Maria and Andrew Kowal
Norman S. Krasner
Steven and Jean Lachance
Caren and David Lazar
Antoinette and Richard Ledzian
Pamela Leeming
Diane and Richard Lewin
Nancy Lewis
Frank and Jane Lionelli
Lois Lawrence and Albert Lochiatto
Timothy and Katherine Love
Dixie Lufbery
Doug and Evelynn Lyons
Patricia Fritzsche and Theodore Malek
Stephen and Judy Mann
Valentina Marchenkoff
Henrietta T. Mayer
Dorothy Monteiro
Barbara W. Morgan
Jane and Janice Morison
Edie and Chris Morren
William J. Morrison
Claire Regan Morse
Donald and Martha Murphy
Rita T. Nason
Kathryn W. Noonan
Judith F. Nutkis
Joyce Obuchowski
Thomas and Fran O’Connell
Elizabeth Osha
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Osman
Sharon and David Pacheco
Henry R. Palmer III
Dorothy H. Papp
John and Deborah Papp
Joyce H. Payer
Dan and Alexa Pearson
Charles Peterson and Susan Tohbe
Albert J. Phillips, Jr.
Denise Pierson
The Pizza Lady
Marya Ursin and Daniel Potter
James Potter
Kenneth and Paula Reid
Carl and Joan Reiser
Lora and David Reisfeld
Nancy and Frederick Richartz
Thomas Rolfe
Carol and James Rooney
Christopher and Rosemarie Rose
Donald and Mary Roy
Nancy Rupert
Aileen Saari
Cheryl and Arthur Saxton
John M. Schloss and Janet McCaffrey Schloss
Lynn Schroder
Gayle and Gary Schulte
Stuart J.D. Schwartzstein
Constance and John Seremet
Linda and Rick Skehan
Steven Slosberg
Patricia Small
Jerry and Shirley Snyder
Caroline Souter
Martha and L.E. Sproul
Steven and Paula Sutton
Lynn Thieme
Kevin and Nicole Torres
Suzanne and Timothy Tyler
Julia E. van Dyke
Barbara Van De Vusse
Frank and Mary Vargas
Linda and Pieter Visscher
Stuart A. Vyse
Washington Trust Charitable Foundation
Kathy Weinberger
Edward and Margaret Wilhelms
Joseph and Kirby Williams
Kathy Williams


Adams & Associates
Amazon SMILE
Avena & Kepple, LLC
Eileen Fisher
GW&K Investment Management
Leckerling, Ladwig & Leamon, LLC
Masons Island Marina
McQuades Marketplace
O’Brien, Stuart, Eppinger & Collier, LLC
Poor Morgan
Sea View Snack Bar
SNS Electric
Stonington Players, Inc.
Switz Real Estate Associates
The Pizza Lady
Tom’s Newstand

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